Seasonal Rate for Rentals

What is seasonal rate for villa, apartment, vacation rental, holiday house, homestay, chalet and other rentals?


Seasonal Rate is very useful tool that allow you to set flexible pricing for your rentals. You can create different seasonal rates for different seasons that will apply to a given season, like seasons of the year or booking seasons (high, medium, low, etc). The Seasonal rate will apply for a selected season. For example, if you select to set Seasonal rate with special rate X for stay in your holiday house for Summer period from June 1 to August 31, then the rate X will be shown for each year on summer months. Rates from the Seasonal rate will overwrite the Standard rates your apartment, vacation rental, holiday house, villa, homestay or chalet. You can name your Seasonal rate to better guide your customer. As you can use different Seasonal rates as many times as needed, we recommend that you use general names that better reflects the nature of the Seasonal rate – Winter Rates, Peak Season, etc. All Seasonal rates will be reflected in your Availability calendar. Moreover, the all-in-one platform will allow you use different colors for different Seasonal rates, so all your Seasonal rates will be easily managed.
The Seasonal rates is a part of flexible pricing system that is very attractive for customers and is widely used by major booking websites. That is why the Seasonal rate you set up with all-in-one platform can be easily used through our Channel manager system to other booking platforms. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or need recommendation which rate plan better fits your needs.