Extra services for villa, apartment, vacation rental, holiday house, homestay, chalet and other rentals


For online bookings, the extra services will appear as menu where customers can choose whatever service they need. It will be offered at the booking and customer can select to book it.
For bookings by request the extra services can be added as a multiple options to be picked from.


You can add any extra service for your rental you want. Here are some examples of extra services:

  • cleaning fee
  • airport transfers
  • breakfasts
  • meals
  • city tours
  • excursions
  • extra sets
  • other


You can add, edit and remove unlimited number of extra services. Also, you can set same price for all properties or set different price for different rentals, eg for apartment A and for apartment B cleaning fee is the same, whereas for villa A the airport transfer costs X and for villa B it costs Y. Or, breakfasts are served only in vacation rental A.



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